Our mission is to help our customers make most advantage of their operations in most attractive geographical area for clinical research!

We use inexpensive optimized local infrastructure and have low administrative expenditures yet providing high quality services. This approach gives our customers significant benefit to plan their expenses and to always stay within a budget!

Our Office

Our history

February, 2018

The company “Carpathian Research Group” LLC has been founded by two likeminded enthusiastic clinical research experts Volodymyr Galyuk (MD, PhD) and Dmytro Razborov (MD, PhD).

March, 2018

CRG LLC has been awarded its first phase III clinical trial in patients requiring emergency surgery with high risk of bleeding. CRG LLC has been involved as study champions to rescue recruitment in addition to global monitoring CRO that was managing the study from the beginning.

May, 2018

CRG LLC has successfully conducted pre-feasibility stage for Client in Georgia and Moldova.

June, 2018

CRG LLC has expanded its rescue services in study to Romania and Bulgaria. CRG LLC has received its first approval from Ministry of Health of Ukraine for becoming a primary regulatory applicant for study in Ukraine.

July, 2018

CRG LLC is awarded to conduct full scale services of Client in study in Georgia and Moldova

As of July 2018

CRG LLC has 12 employees in total and is continuously growing. CRG LLC has a large database of freelancers who are able to join the company at any moment!

September, 2018

CRG LLC has conducted pre-feasibility activities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

October, 2018

CRG LLC has passed ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certification and has participated in MAGI clinical research conference in San-Diego, USA.

December 2018

CRG LLC has 15 employees and keeps plans for further expansion of services and geographical coverage.

April 2019

CRG LLC has conducted the pilot “CRGroupe Adademy” training for newcomers into the field of clinical research (investigators and CRAs) as part of “CRG training school” initiative.